Dear Tacos Manuel,

To be frank, you’ve changed me. That seems to be the only way to put it. This feeling I have, well, there doesn’t seem to be words regarding what happened to me. I guess, when I think about it, my memory blanks from the euphoria whenever I try to process what had occurred.

Last week, my life was transformed. It started innocently, with just a little extra cash. I saw your truck, parked on the side of the road. Harmless to most passerby unless they stopped. From there, they were lost; immersed in the masterpieces you create.

I guess when you think about it, you almost blend in. Only open on the weekends. On a cut-off street, where most would never venture. A certain camouflage you radiate. However, it only enticed me further.

I’ve had good tacos before. Heck, I’ve had good food before. But this. Well, this was different entirely.

The moment I stood in your line, I knew. People believe in love at first sight. Well, the second I smelled your tortillas I knew, I was in love.

My hands trembled in excited anticipation as I handed over four George Washingtons. That’s right, this love was not costly. Two dollars a taco and you had won over my heart.

I anxiously prepared an array of salsas while I listened to my carne asada sizzle on your grill. My stomach rumbled.

When you handed me my tacos, a smile took over my face in a frenzy. Quickly, I squirted lime and doused my taco in salsa. Finally, I licked my lips. It was ready.


I held the man-made perfection in my hands, careful not to spill. I took my first bite and groaned with glee. The flavor of your taco was so delicious it kicked me in the stomach. The combination of tastes danced around my taste buds.

As I reflect, I realize I had stumbled upon a taco oasis. Your tacos were the best tacos I ever had. They completed me. Sometimes your truck isn’t there, but I remember what happened that day. I see my life in a different lens. I am able to go through life knowing I’ve already had the best taco ever, and for that I am grateful.

Thank you Tacos Manuel.

Forever hungry,

Max Krusiewicz

Photo Credits: Max Krusiewicz