Recently, a trend has appeared on Tiktok where women ask men how often they think about the Roman empire. Although rather funny, most men do regularly think about the Roman Empire. Why, since it is an empire that fell almost 2000 years ago? Could it be because of the profound impact the Roman empire had on culture today? 

As one asks themselves these questions they realize that it is in fact because the Roman empire mattered. It predated America by well over 1000 years, yet had many modern amenities such as plumbing, fountains, and roads. As one looks back on history, they realize the true impact the empire had on modern society. This trivial trend only goes to show how much history matters. 

Having been to Italy and seeing places such as Pompeii, one realizes just how close to modern society the Roman empire was. There were food shops, houses, businesses, places for leisure, and an amphitheater was even present. Now, whenever I see these things I think of Rome. Could it be because it was arguably the last great western civilization? 

If we look at the similarities of America and Rome, we realize that America will eventually suffer the same fate as Rome. As the predecessor to our nation, one could take a good look at Rome to see what might happen in the future. History repeats itself, but maybe we don’t have to repeat history.  

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