Ava Dunwoody

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Ava Dunwoody

Ava Dunwoody, senior, has spent the last 2 years as Editor-in-Chief for the journalism program at Orange Lutheran. She is grateful for the people in her life and how they have empowered her both in her writing and elsewhere. Outside of journalism, she enjoys showing her school spirit at football games, baking delicious treats, and making memories with friends and family that will last beyond high school. As an avid reader, she rarely has a consistent favorite book, but her guilty pleasure of binge reading chick-lit novels has yet to fade.

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I have long believed that there will be certain moments throughout our lives that are designed exclusively to show us the value of this life. Moments so impactful—so extraordinarily significant—that there is simply no other way to live but in compelled response to the influence they have left behind. This journalism program was all of that for me: a place where I found my home, my belonging, and my passion project. […]

For my junior year finals week, I decided to delete social media so that I could really hone in on all of the studying I didn’t want to do. I did away with Instagram, Twitter, and even Netflix, but I left Pinterest, thinking I wouldn’t get distracted by an app that had gone untouched in years. Lo and behold, one Theology final later, Pinterest became my new addiction. […]

I was four years old, proudly standing with my pristinely curled pigtails and holding a sign almost bigger than I was when I waited for my dad to come home from serving in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. I was too young to know why he was gone for so long or to appreciate the sacrifices he was making every time he went to work. All I remember thinking was that I hoped he liked the dot-squiggle-dot pattern […]

November 18th, 2018

Three years ago, I came on this trip with a need for it to break me. It was my sophomore year and I was at a point in my life where I was shutting down by not expressing the emotion or hurt I was going through internally. My junior year was the opposite. I went on this trip from a place of constant tears and emotional stress. That Appalachia trip became the peace I had needed for so long. But it was only after those trips that I realized […]

The past four years of my life have been some of the best, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t experience growth along the way. In fact, it is the personal growth that I have watched myself go through that makes my time at Orange Lutheran so important. Here are just 5 of the lessons I have learned since my freshman year […]

On January 1st, 2018, I began a project that would begin to change the way I now look at my life. It began as a New Year’s resolution—something I thought would be a fun way to document what was going on in my life. I downloaded the One Second Everyday app with the intent […]

Dear High School,

Your reputation preceded you. When I was young, I heard all about you and wanted nothing more than for us to meet. Apparently, you were the whole package. People told me how easy it was to fall in love with you and I was ready to see for myself. […]

Like the Myers Briggs and the Love Language personality tests, the Enneagram is a platform created to investigate a deeper understanding of the different personality tendencies and variations. Essentially, it is a tool that utilizes self-analysis in order to categorize a personality into one of nine types, each represented by their number. […]

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