Bijan Yaghoubi

Bijan Yaghoubi, Senior, uses writing to express his stance on news and ideas circulating the internet. He enjoys researching topics and stating his opinion on a certain matter through his writing. When Bijan is doing stuff other than school, he is riding bikes, working on cars, building things, and fixing things. Bijan also likes running for Orange Lutheran Cross Country Team, making it his second year participating in it with his friends and practicing with them on his own time away from school. Bijan’s favorite book is An Unquiet Mind by Kay Redfield Jamison.

More of Bijan Yaghoubi’s Work:

  • Martian Excursion Sunlight shined through the dusty, cracked windows once the spacecraft descended onto Mars. I glanced down at my hand to notice myself covered in water that had dripped down my …

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