Christian Park

Christian Park

Christian Park, senior, loves writing because it gives him a chance to liberate himself from the whirlpools of angst that often accompanies a student. Christian is particularly excited for The OLu Muse because it gives him a platform to write and express his own opinions. In his free time, Christian enjoys running and spending time with family and friends. His favorite book to read is The Kite Runner.

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“I don’t know, I never really got into her because it was like elevator music.

Well, yeah, but it’s a little more than that.”

August 12, 2018. Clairo at The Observatory.[…]

April 24, 2019. Earl Sweatshirt breaks the stage at the NOVO. After a rollercoaster of genres by his friends, Earl dives into the crowd initiating a mosh pit of death. I’m suddenly engulfed in sweat, fists to my ribs, and elbows to my face. In this entanglement of bodies. However, I smile in reverence as I wonder to myself, “where has this been all my life?” […]

March 15, 2019. Vinyl Williams walk onto the stage at the Teragram Ballroom. Fascinated by their display set and obscure outfits, I squeeze my way to the front, curious as to what their music is like. Suddenly, psychedelic images light up the back wall as various scenes, mimicking […]

December 19, 2018. The Growlers at House of Blues. Brooks Nielsen returns to the stage after a seemingly complete set. Drawn to his shaggy figure, somewhat representative of a drunkard by the beach, hundreds crowd beneath him like a shepherd and his flock— only the shepherd is a saint that entrances his subjects […]

Like my past works, this piece will highlight the effect/impact a concert had on an individual. My hope with this project is to unearth a shared reaction that music, regardless of its genre, seems to have on people. 

The first time I felt complete? Bon Jovi. […]

November 2017. $uicideBoy$ House of Blues. The first time I completely let go of the anxiety and melancholy that dictated my life.

One year later, life hasn’t changed. The monotonous routine of school, sports, and work controls my life to the point of insanity. However, one thing has changed—my ability to transport myself back to that night and “let go.” As I immerse myself in their words, the burdens of life lift off my shoulders as my heart beats faster and my palms begin to sweat. […]

The first time I truly felt at ease? Current Joys concert. June 2018. The Factory.

Months later, everything has changed. However, one thing remains—the feeling of acceptance that dominates my being when I think back to that night.[…]

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