Emma Holland

Emma Holland

Emma Holland, senior, has had a passion for writing ever since she was a little girl. Her favorite pastime was reading, so she wanted to write stories that would make others fall in love with books the way she did. Emma loves writing because she enjoys creating worlds as well as hidden meanings in each of her pieces. She is often inspired by her experiences with life around her— anything that connects to her deeply. She relies on the support of her loved ones in everything she does. She aspires to inspire other young readers and writers to put pen to paper and compose a story of their own. Emma’s favorite book series is Harry Potter.

More of Emma Holland’s Work:

This is not what I wanted to find:

My dreams slowly slipping away.

Heart and mind perfectly unaligned. 

Unable to navigate, I turn blind. […]

13 Reasons Why. I’m sure you’ve heard this name before, considering its crazed success on Netflix. The show received both positive and negative feedback and was renewed for a second season and soon after that, a third.  

The show centers around the impact of a girl’s suicide and the thirteen tapes she sends to the people who indirectly caused her death. It was originally a book by Jay Asher before being picked up by Netflix in 2015. […]

The never-ending flow of finals, group projects, AP tests, and stress has hit us once again. Although stress can be helpful, it too often overwhelms us. In these stressful times, utilizing one or more of these ways can help you manage your stress. […]

Mental health continues to be a struggle within the music industry, for the listeners and the artists alike. Many musicians live by “Dancing Through Life,” a song from the musical Wicked, which encourages little thinking and by simply “skimming the surface” of life as if “nothing really matters.” […]

*This short story dives into the mind of an individual who struggles with Schizophrenia, a mental disorder that affects one’s ability to think, feel, and behave. They often feel disconnected from reality, corrupted by hallucinations, thought and movement disorders, as well as a loss of emotion and motivation. This piece has strong descriptive language that could trigger some readers. Proceed with caution. […]

hanging by a thread: an uncertain state, unlikely to survive or succeed. 

I wanted to address the issue of self-harm in this piece. This struggle affects those around us and it is not always visible to the human eye. I cut rips, tearing the sleeves to symbolize […]

DISCLAIMER: This piece is an example of parallelism, the use of successive verbal constructions in prose that correspond in grammatical structure, sound, meaning, etc. In this case, the purpose […]

Mental Illness. A term that is becoming more prominent in headlines and the topic in social conversations. But what exactly is it?

It is, in most cases, a treatable condition, just like a physical illness. Psychologists and researchers of the human brain are conducting extensive analysis through various behavioral and physical examinations to help treat those diagnosed. Mental illness can affect one’s ability to fully function throughout their daily life. […]

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