Jolaya Gillams

Jolaya Gillams

Jolaya Gillams, senior, has an inherent determination to improve the world she lives in, be it through her writing or her art. She loves to talk about social issues with the intent of showing love and unity to everyone around her. She is spunky and spirited with a heart for the hurting.

More of Jolaya Gillams’ Work:

An open letter addressing my friend who asked me what it’s like to be black:

A peer of mine recently asked me “what it’s like to be black.” At the time, I had no idea how I should answer this question, but I hope this provides some insight. (Disclaimer, this is just my own personal experience).

As a black girl, I typically wake up between 5:50 and 6:00 AM (after hitting the snooze button around seven times). […]

“Tony, I’m so glad we’re here.”

“I’m happy to see you, Mom.”

He walked into the room dressed in royal blue regalia. His head was down. He opened the blinds, and she relaxed her shoulders. 

“The light is real nice,” she said. […]

The pungent aroma of over-roasted coffee beans welcomes me, but I don’t care because Coffee Bean is the home of my favorite yellow armchair. In all of its worn-down glory, the yellow armchair places me in my zone; the very second I sit in it, a switch ignites in my limbic system enhancing my executive functioning skills to, for example,  […]

Go get dressed, my mother said

The handyman’s fixing your door today

Go pick up your mess, my mother said

So He doesn’t trip and break his leg […]

The O.C Bubble

Artwork by Jolaya Gillams

Medium: stippling

In 1987, a revolutionary creation was birthed into the wondrous, World Wide Web. At the time, employees at Microsoft had no idea how life-changing this tool would be, but, 23 years later, 5th grader Jolaya Gillams did.

In 2010, she would become a master Powerpoint presenter—a title she did not take lightly—, and by unlocking all facets that Powerpoint had to offer, she was able to utilize the art-form to its fullest potential. It was there, in front of her passed down computer where the young rhetor had found her purpose. It was there, […]

Sitting in front of the T.V. screen screaming for his favorite team, the Boston Celtics, Australian Benjamin Cain has always been drawn to American sports. Later in his life, Cain would receive an opportunity of a lifetime: a chance to visit America through an exchange program. He decided to take this opportunity and embarked on a 30-day journey of new experiences throughout the United States. […]

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