Jordan Sterett

Jordan Sterett

Jordan Sterett, senior, works at a nursery and is OLu’s Gallery 500 Intern. As a member of both the Humanities Academy and the Visual Arts Academy, her main interests include social sciences and all forms of art (especially fine arts, fashion, and music). She is especially passionate about current events and youth voter registration. Join Art Club by following on Instagram, and register to vote here: !

More of Jordan Sterett’s Work:

My serious college application career began in fourth grade when my mom drove me through Stanford University. All I knew was that it was presumably the “best,” and I wanted the “best” —even at ten years old. However, prestige is one of the last things to consider when picking schools, and now at eighteen years old, I didn’t even apply.  […]

“Cancel culture” refers to the internet sensation of withdrawing one’s support from celebrities on the grounds of personal ethicals after their mistakes (a term used loosely as they can be accidental or not) have been publicized. Think Taylor Swift, XXXTentacion, Morrissey, Cardi B, Kanye West. […]

On Tuesday, February 6, President Donald Trump delivered his second State of the Union Address—giving the American people an update on the country and his presidency. This follows Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s request the previous week that he would delay his speech until the longest government shutdown in U.S. history came to a conclusion.  […]

Every man for himself. Nice guys finish last. It’s a dog-eat-dog world. Phrases like these and the selfish sentiments motivating them have shaped the world’s order as we know it—or at least how we think we know it. You likely learned about survival of the fittest in biology, but if you are anything like me, the concept of “survival of the kindest” is brand new. […]

This charcoal drawing depicts the artist’s memory jar—a glass jar she empties on New Year’s and fills throughout the year with various notes, letters, ticket stubs, etc. Each item depicted holds personal significance to her. This piece, in particular, includes unconventional souvenirs from 2017, as well as a few recovered from years prior.

Rihanna wants you to vote (along with countless celebrities tracing all the way back to when MTV was actually about music). And you should always listen to celebrities, right? Maybe not, but in this case, absolutely. With midterm elections quickly approaching, stars, […]

This is a photograph from a series titled “The Magical Mundane.” Each one of the twelve pieces is comprised of photography and collaged glitter. They explore the juxtaposition of beauty and the mundane. While some may see the glitter as bringing magic to everyday routines  […]

Over the summer of 2018, Supreme Court Justice Kennedy retired, prompting President Donald Trump to appoint his second judge to the Supreme Court of the United States so far. He selected Conservative Catholic Brett Kavanaugh, which was a controversial, but not surprising choice. With such a slim Republican majority, Kavanaugh’s pending confirmation will result in a further shift […]

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