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Max Krusiewicz, senior, has loved writing ever since he transferred to Orange Lutheran as a sophomore. Becoming an Editor of The OLu MUSE is an amazing experience for him, since he has always wanted to help run a student-led publication. When Max is not writing, he surfs as team captain for the OLu Surf Team because waves bring happiness. He also loves hanging out with his family and friends. In all he does, he acts to honor God. Max’s favorite book to read is The Count of Monte Cristo.

More of Max Krusiewicz’s Work:

Cecilia paced back and forth outside the hospital. Everything was extremely dark, and she shivered impatiently. She bumped into a trash can. Shadows danced in front of Cecilia’s face. Shadows of doubt and sadness. Shadows of impatience and insecurity. Cecilia flinched as leaves brushed against her leg. […]

Lately, the discussion of Generation Z’s perverted culture has come up a lot. Many Americans have remarked on the downward spiral of our society as a whole. Apparently, this up-and-coming generation is coated in a mirage of disapproval.  […]

Recently, it has come to my attention that we have a problem. But “problem” does not even begin to describe what is happening to our culture. We have a massive issue, or dilemma. To say the least, we are in a pickle. We, as an American culture, have a problem with being kind. […]

My head dips and my brain screams in fury;

The realization that what I’m reading has no meaning,

So, I succumb to the literary elitist […]

Simple words muttered and scrawled on pieces of paper: words from God.

I was hesitant at first. How could God show me anything through simply the thoughts in my head? How could these random thoughts I was having mean anything to God’s plan?  […]

America is in danger. Not from illness, nor war, nor poverty, but something also extremely disheartening: a lack of literature. Before cellular devices, social media, and the convenient services of texting, the average American cracked open a book […]

Dear Tacos Manuel,

To be frank, you’ve changed me. That seems to be the only way to put it. This feeling I have, well, there doesn’t seem to be words regarding what happened to me. I guess, when I think about it, my memory blanks from the euphoria […]

Some people search for the perfect wave or the perfect song, but I search for the perfect cheeseburger. This past week, I was inspired to investigate the quality of the cheeseburgers at the restaurants Zov’s and Graze, located in Orange County. Both of these establishments take pride in their meat patties, but I was determined to find the x-factor. […]

War imprisoned me, but my actions haunt me.

Footsteps echo down the corridor and adrenaline courses through my body. My mind races frantically and sweat drips off of my brow. Mutinously, my heart pounds inside of my chest; it wants out. I want out of this dreaded mission. […]

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