Passion Projects 2023-24

Passion Projects

An outlet for the senior staff writers to focus on a topic about which they are passionate. While all of our staff writers are developing their unique voice, our seniors are given the opportunity to explore a chosen topic and approach it in a variety of ways through the work they produce over the course of the year.

Studying the passions that people have towards their professions and the psychology behind such decision-making

Pursuing One’s Passions

The Impact of the Wild West on Life Today

Investigating how early American Western Ideals—the Frontier Thesis, westward expansion, and other hallmarks of American history–continue to affect us today

How music theory can be used as a metaphor for life and learning

Exploring High School Through a Musical Lens

Food’s Influence on Culture

Examining the relationship between food and culture: how cuisines tie into cultural values, and are also developed due to unique points in history, geography, and shared traditions

Studying how climbing is reflective of life itself: rising and falling, building resilience and determination, and weaving personal experience within the journey of a climb

Climbing as a Metaphor for Life

Exploring Dreams: A Study of Our Innermost Imaginings

Looking into how our dreams—both literal and figurative—affect our lives, impacting our psyches and future aspirations

Investigating a variety of movements, from marginalized groups to youth protests, and the psychology within facing adversity

Psychological Resilience and Social Justice Movements

On the Personal and Material Relativism of Time

Studying how humanity’s perception of time influences our understanding of reality on a personal and cosmic scale

Exploring sports from personal experience and research to understand how sports affect psychological habits and development as a person

Sports and Their Impact on Personal Development

The Importance of Urban Renewal in Orange County

Examining architectural renovation, its significance, and the impact that urban renewal plays within Orange County

Telling the stories of childhood wonder and the intrinsic, underappreciated beauty of being a youth

Childhood Wonders: The Beauty and Innocence of Youth

Cycles of History: How the Past Repeats Itself

Connecting culture, politics, and economics to the repetition of historical shifts

Exploring the hallmarks of culture: food, traditions, and childhood memories, and their affect on one’s identity

Culture’s Impact on One’s Character, Told Through an Immigrant Lens

A Personal Reflection on Music’s Role in Life

Addressing the veracity of stigmas surrounding music through personal experience in musical performance to examine how music is an integral part of the world around us

Delving into girlhood and femininity by analyzing the qualities of women, the role they play in society, and their accomplishments 

The Strength, Beauty, and Significance Females Have in Society