Passion Projects

Passion Projects

An outlet for the senior staff writers to focus on a topic they are passionate about. While all of our staff writers are developing their unique voice, our seniors are given the opportunity to explore a chosen topic and approach it in a variety of ways through the work they produce over the course of the year.

Sharing and discussing current events and the implications they have on society in order to raise more public awareness and spark conversation about the issues affecting our world today.

Exploring the mental health perspective of society, the living conditions of the mentally ill, the cause of the mental disorders among younger generations, and the necessity of kindness and understanding within the community.

Love and Psychology

Discovering how the traditional journalism profession evolves and transforms in the Internet Age by looking into the past, present, and future of the news industry.

Diving deep into the hidden aspects and vices of everyday interactions to stress the importance of having healthy relationships with oneself, family, and friends.

Building Healthy Relationships

The Posterity of Dragon

I am what they call a descendent of the dragons. Unveiling the charm of my culture and retracting my invisible yet secure root linked to China…is a little dragon’s ardent mission.

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