Passion Projects

Passion Projects

An outlet for the senior staff writers to focus on a topic they are passionate about. While all of our staff writers are
developing their unique voice, our seniors are given the opportunity to explore a chosen topic and approach it in a variety of ways through the work they produce over the course of the year.

Love Speaks


Telling the stories of the things people love, whether it be about themselves, their involvement, or those around them in order to highlight the value of love’s impact 

Essentially, it is a passion project of passions.


Looking into all that makes Orange County a uniquely diverse place in order to highlight a variety of people, groups, locations, and hidden corners of the Orange County “bubble”

Humans of O.C.

OLu Underground

At Orange Lutheran, there are many different clubs and activities that are not well known—some that many don’t even know exist. The “underground” of the school will be put in the spotlight with the intent of showing the student body the things OLu has to offer that they might not have heard of otherwise.


Encouraging society to become better adjusted to mental health awareness by way of discussing the technicalities and the heart behind cultivating a supportive environment for those who are struggling


Embracing Mental Wellness for the Health of our Society

Life in the Raw

Exploring the value of life immersed in authenticity and how every trial is vital in revealing the puzzle pieces of the real human experience

Uncovering the often unspoken truths of society and adressing the underlying issues with the way the world looks at those that inhabit it with the purpose of drawing attention to the root of the problem in order to solve it

Common Misconceptions in an Era of Misinformation and Misunderstanding

Dispelling Ignorance in Pop Culture

Discussing and exposing the media that represents sensitive material or topics with the ultimate goal of dispelling ignorance or assumptions towards various demographics of people, especially in the film and literature industries

Highlighting the effects of music and the impact it has on a variety of people, including therapeutic resolutions and general enjoyment

How Music Impacts Millenials

The Value of Family to the Human Psyche

Building community through understanding the value of family and how the bonds it creates are essential to human life in that they allow us to be a part of something bigger than ourselves

Delving into the representation and role of women in the art industry throughout specific periods of time and in different cultures, both to draw attention to the issue and to appreciate the work women have done to get where they are today.

Women’s Role in Art Throughout History

What in the World is Going On??

Fighting social-political apathy by sharing major news and current events in order to inform and incite action in those whom it affects

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