Passion Projects

Passion Projects

An outlet for the senior staff writers to focus on a topic about which they are passionate. While all of our staff writers are developing their unique voice, our seniors are given the opportunity to explore a chosen topic and approach it in a variety of ways through the work they produce over the course of the year.

The Education of A Young American

Educating young American citizens on important issues our country faces and the significance of being politically and civically engaged to shape a more perfect union.

Exploring the functionality of art as a form of protest, both in today’s political climate and throughout history along with its consistent impact on societies.

Art As Protest

Relationships and Introspection

How culture and perception affect interaction and individual phenomena regarding pain and pleasure.

The importance of Emotional Intelligence: how it shapes us and those who are around us into more empathetic, open-minded people.

Emotional Intelligence and Understanding Ourselves and Others

Unity of Humankind



Exploring how the unity of humankind is both expanded and destroyed, on a global stage and in our local community.





How much we rely on others around us, what hinders us from making those connections, and how we can work to grow deeper, needed relationships with others.



Necessity of Human Relationships, and Interactions

The Effects of Fashion



As a leading industry, fashion uniquely effects all members of society on a global scale.




While sitting at The Table, we will be discussing and looking at food, religion’s impact on food, and how those then play a role in people’s daily lives. God uses food to be a tangible extension of himself so that we can experience beauty, life and then follow in the creators footsteps.


    The Table

The Soul and Well Being: Exploring Chakras




A study of the of energies in the body and soul.






Exploring the BI-POC identity and what it means to grow up biracial in a community that is different from your own.



Growing Up Biracial: Finding My Identity

Art Off the Wall


The world is starting to realize that beauty has a place in every aspect of our lives, not just on the walls of museums, and is issuing in a new age of art: the age of art that can be lived in.




The pursuit of knowledge of mental health and discovering the underlying significance it plays in society.



Mental Health

How Music Helps Us Understand People



How can music shape our perspectives, opinions, and relationships, while simultaneously illustrating how we both view and connect with other people?