Well, the reality is, in fact, that you probably don’t remember this song. If you do remember it, you probably can’t remember exactly how it goes or would be able to start singing it if asked.

Full disclosure: yes, I can. I can sing the song in the blink of an eye, and yes, I know it by heart. Don’t judge me for it.

The song I am referring to is Veruca Salt from Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a movie adaptation of Roald Dahl’s children’s book, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

As you think about it now, you may recall the sassy little girl turning to her father in her spoiled rotten voice saying, “Daddy, I want a squirrel!” Succumbing to her selfish entitlement, she hops over the gate and seeks to obtain one of the factory’s nut-cracking squirrels against her better judgment.

One thing leads to the other, and next thing you know, Veruca has fallen down the toilet bowl garbage shoot. From there, the fun begins as the beloved Oompa Loompas enter the stage queuing the beginning of this magnificent song.

The song is the creation of composer Danny Elfman’s brilliance and contains multiple elements of the orchestra as well as vocal excellence to best portray the movie’s scene. The notes are drawn out as if lending to the falling of the character down to the garbage. At the end of the song, it abruptly cuts off with Veruca’s father being pushed down the garbage shoot as well.

The scene itself is spectacular as well, complimenting the Elfman’s masterpiece. The dancing is in sync with the music and the special effects bring the whole scene to life. The projected squirrels bring the fictitious instance to momentary reality: truly a cinematic masterpiece. Each character’s thoughtfully picked outfits add to the successful implicit characterization of the cast as well.

All this said, let me explain the reason behind my mild obsession. Not only is this a catchy tune with a wonderful, justice served message about a spoiled child getting what she rightfully deserved, but it is also a piece of art.

The thing that gets me most excited about this piece is the large amount of team effort that went into it. There was the creation of the song, which comes with the writing, singing, and the various instrumental aspects—the whole orchestra. Then there was the choreographed dancing that had to be shot over and over and over again. With the film comes intentional costume design, actors, directing, and editing. Essentially, a bunch of people got together and made something really neat. And that is something to be excited about. They created a movie that was funny and enjoyable, yes, but it took hard work that I, as apart of the audience, get to enjoy.

Photo Credits: Google Images