I love my pet. Her big, round eyes stare at me innocently as I stroke her head. I look down at her small, trembling form. I love her, but sometimes I get very angry with her. I always try not to though, because when I am upset, she is also upset. I hate it when I see a tear fall from her eye, especially when I know it is always because of me.

I get even angrier when she disobeys me. She has been very disobedient lately. Constantly scrambling away from me or cowering as I reach down to touch her. I taught her a new trick though. I taught her how to stay. After many attempts to escape her cage at night, this became a necessary component to her obedience training. I guess that is how to describe it. It did not take long for her to acquire this new skill. Each full night she spent in her cage was rewarded with a meal. For a while though, I was concerned that she may never eat again because she was so eager to escape. But, eventually, my pet learned. She is still very scrawny, but she is healthy enough.

When she stands, she is only a bit shorter than I am. I always kick her down when she does that. I do not try to hurt her too badly, but my height over her is very important. It gives me the authority I need to be a proper master over her. Authority is very important to me. Our house is dark, but in a certain light, her bruises become more visible. She will be alright now that she has learned not to disobey. As I said, I truly do love her.

I have not had my pet for long. Only a couple of weeks or so. When you love something this much, time seems to fly past me and yet stand completely still at the same time. I love my pet so much, but I think she doesn’t love me back. When she looks at me, I see anger and sadness in her eyes. Her eyebrows point down and her nostrils flare at every command I give. I fed her, I gave her her own cage, I even let her have a toothbrush. She begged for a toothbrush for so long I had no choice but to go out and buy her one. Although, when I got back I discovered that she was yet again attempting to escape her cage. She did not get dinner that night.

I love to watch my pet sleep all curled up into a ball inside her cage. When she sleeps, she doesn’t look angry. All I want is for my pet to love me the way I love her. When I found her, she was walking down the street alone. Immediately, I snatched her up and put her in the small cage I conveniently had in the back of my van. She must have been tired because after about an hour of yelping and whining she fell asleep. I then dragged her and the cage into my house. I put a blanket over her so the bright sun would not wake her up. I noticed that she soiled the blanket that was inside the cage, so I went out and bought her a new blanket and a new pair of jeans just like the ones she had on. While I was out, I noticed a few posters that had my pet’s face on them! Other people must have loved her before I did. I had to take her though. I told you, I love my pet. It’s a shame her parents and the police will never find her.




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Written by

Grace Wakeling

Grace Wakeling, junior, loves spending time with her friends and family. She is the Managing Editor for The OLu MUSE, and she enjoys writing very much. Her other interests include reading, drawing, and eating ice cream. Also, her favorite book is The Perks of being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky.