Mamma Mia! The Musical, directed by David Vaughn, is a light-hearted show that takes the audience on a romantic adventure. The main character, Sophie, has grown up with her mom, Donna, on an island in Greece without a father figure. When Sophie is preparing to get married, she sends out letters the three men who she thinks could potentially be her dad. Now Sophie must discover which one of her mom’s former lovers is her father.

Individuals will be taken on an adventure during Mamma Mia! that will demonstrate the importance of family and love. In the musical, there was a consistent theme that love is an unbreakable bond. The cast helps portray this as they make the audience laugh and cry in some scenes. I personally liked the relationship that Sophie had with her mom, Donna. Their pure, mother-daughter bond reminds me of the connection I have with my mom, making this movie relatable to me personally. I felt like I was able to connect with Sophie better because I understood this and could easily put myself in her shoes.  

Director David Vaughn had a strong cast that was very talented and he did an excellent job casting the roles. Both Sophina Brown and Flynn Hayward had a beautiful range in their vocal talents and they both embodied their characters excellently. Both Mamma Mia! the musical and the movie are both fantastic combinations of music, dancing, and family love. Individuals learn from Sophie and Donna the importance of a positive relationship and the unbreakable bond encompasses what it means to be family.


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Katelyn Potyondy

Katelyn Potyondy, junior, has always enjoyed writing and reading. She particularly loves writing poetry for The OLu MUSE. In her spare time, Katelyn dances in Advanced Dance at Orange Lutheran and outside of school at the Elite Dance Academy of Orange County. She has danced since the age of three and practices around 25 hours a week. Katelyn can’t wait to be part of the MUSE staff for the second year. But most importantly, Katelyn always strives to work hard and put God first in her life.