I see BLUE. The morning arrives far too fast for my liking. The alarm clock beeps incessantly like an expiration date of my relaxation. I force myself out of my warm bed and prepare for school. As I brush my teeth, get dressed, and eat breakfast, my mood is somewhat melancholy. The weekend is over and the craziness of the week is about to unfold. The routine begins . . . again. Everything is blue.


I feel dreary, almost GRAY. There is a malaise that envelops me as I find myself being a participant in the same old cycle. The daily routine goes as planned, but I think time intentionally passes by more slowly than usual on Tuesdays. Neither at the beginning, the midway, nor the end, Tuesdays are perhaps the longest day of the week. They are almost colorless, but to me, they seem wearisome and gray.


The light at the end of the tunnel comes into view; it is YELLOW. The prolonged beginning to the week has passed and I have survived. I am now at the turning point, the precipice. On the other side of Wednesday, there is the sun, a brightness that shines and allows me to breathe deeply and feel the warmth of the weekend rays. The finish line is near. Seeing yellow is a sign.


A day of anticipation, Thursdays are ORANGE.  The weekend is close, but yet, still not here. There remain so many things to do between now and then: homework, quizzes, tests, papers, and a myriad of other responsibilities. Can they all be finished in time? My stress level is high, not quite red, but definitely orange. My desire for Friday keeps me moving forward; I have almost made it.


At last!!! The day filled with hope and possibility has arrived, and it is PINK. My excitement overwhelms me. I have so many choices for what to do tonight. Seeing friends? Dining out? Watching Netflix? Doing nothing? The possibilities are truly endless. And—the best part—I know that I do not have to wake up at the crack of dawn the next day. I can stay up late (or even drift off early . . . zzz). The day is awash with pink.


I find relief in the weekend, a sense of peace. I see PURPLE everywhere. I feel relaxed, calm, and tranquil. Time seems limitless; there is a stillness to the relentless demands of the week. I think it is the unstructured nature of the weekend that gives me the most satisfaction. I am not on a timetable. Nothing is due tomorrow. The color purple is one of my favorites.


Renewal. Fresh starts. New beginnings. Sundays are WHITE. The first day of a new week signifies a clean slate. Last week is over. The past is the past. I look forward and wonder what the future will bring. I relish the slow-moving, leisure time with family and friends and wish in vain that I could hold Monday at bay. I could live in Sundays forever. The white is pure and untainted. But, the day inevitably ends. What happens next?

The colors, washed away as each day concludes, are repainted.

Photo Credit: Society6

Written by

Grace Funk

Grace Funk, junior, is honored to serve as Editor-in-Chief for The OLu MUSE this year. In addition to the MUSE, Grace is a member of OLu’s Ambassador team where she enjoys sharing about her school with the community. She loves writing across genres, from poetry to prose to nonfiction. In her free time, Grace loves to read, watch football (or binge watch Netflix series in the offseason), and travel with her family. Her favorite books include the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness and her favorite fictional character from any book is Elizabeth Bennet.