This poem’s pretty stupid

This poem’s about as lame

As trying to dissect it,

Or writing it for fame.

On a cruiser made of bones.

I’ve pedaled through this realm,

With a ragdoll for a body

And blank space at the helm.

Have you ever smelled the flower,

Of someone’s mind that’s rotting?

Or ever heard the silence

Of a reputation stopping?

Have you ever felt your body

Eat itself for fun?

Or seen the way the rifling spins,

Down the barrel of a gun.

Oh how creative,

Gun and fun.

I’ve revolutionized the rhyme.

You’re gonna go far with this old pal.


Yeah I’m fine.

Photo Credits: Aaron Almeida

Written by

Aaron Almeida

Aaron Almeida, junior, has always needed a creative outlet, and since he sucks at art, writing is a great way for him to do that. He enjoys writing poetry and creative pieces, although pieces based on his hobbies also interest him. When Aaron isn’t doing homework, he likes listening to music, skating, biking, and sitting in his room alone. He enjoys partaking in cardio based pain, more commonly known as cross country. Aaron’s favorite book is The Road by Cormac McCarthy.