“I don’t know, I never really got into her because it was like elevator music.

Well, yeah, but it’s a little more than that.”

August 12, 2018. Clairo at The Observatory.

Up until that point, I hadn’t really listened to many of her songs. Yes, they were somewhat groovy, but I didn’t get the appeal.

*queue 4EVER*

However, as she took the stage, I suddenly realized the novelty behind her music: the cool vibe behind her instrumentals and the soft intimacy of her voice.

It was like being teleported back to the era of the band The 1975 which I never experienced but who coined the term “groovy.”

It was a call to my inner being, as I felt the need to dance. However horrible my moves were. A call to loosen up, bob my head a bit, and look at the world through a lens of color. To bob my head a bit more, tap my foot to the drums, and sway to the bass.

Do you know that feeling when you’re daydreaming and forget about anything and everything that’s important?

Or that moment, where the only thing on your mind is whatever fantasy is in your head?

The feeling when you’re not concerned about your future, where you need to go, or what you’re doing with your life?

*queue Bubble Gum*

Well, that was Clairo.

Photo credits: Christian Park