By Katelyn Potyondy

I look over my left shoulder only to see a five hundred foot drop. My stomach twists and turns…

In order to reach the top of Half Dome, I muster up all the courage that I have left. What stands in front of me seems impossible to conquer. My hands sweat from pure adrenaline and genuine fear. As I pull myself up the cables of Half Dome, I physically and mentally struggle. Behind me, I hear my dad encouraging me as he wearily watches me in fear of my feet slipping on the cables. As I continue to climb, I am finally starting to see the finish line approach. My arms ache, but there are only fifteen more feet. I am determined to reach the top; only five more feet. One more final step and I am finally at the summit of Half Dome. As I stand in the beautiful valley of Yosemite, I know that my struggles were worth enduring.

In the summer of 2012, I endeavored on the adventure of a lifetime. I had the opportunity to go on a seventeen-mile hike to reach the top of Half Dome. Not only did this journey test my strength, but it also was one of the most challenging moments of my life. As I climbed the cables, I had a sense of uncertainty, and I did not know if my body could carry me to the top. Through experiences such as these, I am able to grow the most. Not only from these obstacles did I develop as a person, but it also made me realize how much I am capable of doing. It is a good reminder that it is not the result that matters, but it is the stumbling blocks faced during the expedition that makes the results so much sweeter. 

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Katelyn Potyondy

Katelyn Potyondy, junior, has always enjoyed writing and reading. She particularly loves writing poetry for The OLu MUSE. In her spare time, Katelyn dances in Advanced Dance at Orange Lutheran and outside of school at the Elite Dance Academy of Orange County. She has danced since the age of three and practices around 25 hours a week. Katelyn can’t wait to be part of the MUSE staff for the second year. But most importantly, Katelyn always strives to work hard and put God first in her life.