By Daelynn Lopez

“Oh, come on!” I said, slightly frustrated. My loud voice echoed faintly off the black walls that were placed somewhere far off in the distance. I looked at my disoriented self on the shiny floors of the void-like room, wondering what I could do to charm the uncharmable.

If you told me that when I die, I would be determined to make Death fall for me, I would have laughed and told you never in a million years. Well, apparently a million years later after hearing about his uneventful love life, you couldn’t have stopped me by bribing my not-so-eventful resurrection.

“Wait, wait, wait!” 

Death is not who everyone thinks he is: a dark hooded figure who occasionally reveals skeletal facial features and carries a scythe, ready to guide your soul to the place where it will wander forever. No, Death is a slightly more slender version of Adam Driver, with a Kylo Ren aura reflected in his frown and dull light residing in his eyes. 

“Okay, what about this one?!”

I rushed in front of him, causing him to abruptly halt his patterned steps. 

 “You must be Jamaican, because Jamaican me crazy…”

I winked with some awkward finger guns, waiting for a reaction. Hoping he would crack a smile, or exhale more air out of his nose than usual, but he just stared at me, confusion clearly displayed on his face. He took a deep breath, rolled his eyes, and proceeded on his way around me. I gave a sigh but quickly regained my flirty persona.

“Yeah, I didn’t think so either. I feel like it might have had more of an effect if you were Jamaican…”

He turned his head towards me while going along his way, his eyebrow raised unamused.

“Okay, maybe not,” I mumbled, resentment growing in my chest.

“Seriously, I don’t understand, I’m trying everything. Give me a little something!” I yelled at his back, knowing fully well I might as well be yelling at a mountain to move. 

“Have you been to the doctor lately?!,” I yelled. I heard his steps stop. I stared at his back, shocked he was listening, and lowered my voice, “Because…it really seems like you are lacking some Vitamin Me.”

I held my breath. 5 seconds dragged on for what seemed like 5 years, I sighed and my head dropped. What was the point? I guess you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But suddenly I heard chuckling. I look up and my eyes meet his dark ones, but they look different. They looked more alive. In fact, I could see a faint sparkle in them.

“Vitamin Me, huh? Never heard that one before,” he said, a smile ghosting across his lips. I smile back as he offers to walk alongside me.

“Okay, but what about this one,” he says, looking forward. “Your hand looks heavy, maybe…” he grabs my hand and looks in my eyes.

“I should hold it for you.”

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Written by

Daelynn Lopez

Daelynn Lopez, junior, loves to write, as she believes it expresses things actions may not be able to satisfy. She participates in Creative Worship and runs Cross Country. One of her favorite books is The Art of Racing in the Rain because it gives a different point of view of the human race.