Picture perfect, that’s what they say

But upon reflection, nothing ever seems the same. 

A smile here, some windswept hair,

Yet the moment isn’t really there. 

I don’t know why the past turns out so blurry,

Why everything seems rushed, in a hurry. 

It’s one quick second, a laugh stuck in midair,

Not really capturing the whole affair. 

No, it’s not picture-perfect, it’s a grasp at times

An effort to hold onto what used to be mine.

See, the thing is, time never stays in one place,

So I follow it around with a camera

Hoping to catch just a glimpse of its face.

Photo Credits: Dough Davis

Written by

Hannah Van Essen

Hannah Van Essen, junior, loves reading and writing. She is particularly excited to further her own creative writing skills this year. Hannah’s favorite piece of literature is the novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. She is currently the Assistant Director of OLu’s King Author and anticipating a fantastic premiere.