Dear Society,

I do not understand. The clichè “everyone is unique in their own ways” gets thrown around on the daily. We are told to embrace ourselves, the good and the bad. We are told not to conform, but to be confident in our individuality. But do you really want us to be unique and different? Are the social norms you put in place allowing us to “embrace ourselves?”

How can we be different if every aspect of life has a set of rules we must follow? How can we embrace our mental capabilities if everything is judged based on our grades? How can colleges see us as ourselves when they define our worth by a test score? How can we express ourselves, but still have the clothes we wear been seen as “basic?” How can we express our true love, without it being seen as a sin? How can we be comfortable in our own skin without being too fat or too skinny? How can we choose our own political views without other people’s opinions being shoved down our throat? How can we love one another, when we can’t even love ourselves? 

We are constantly reminded of how we should act through phrases like “don’t be too different,” “don’t stand out,” “don’t cause a scene,” and “don’t give an opinion.”  But is that what God intended? Did God create each of us just so we can be told to be the same? How are we spreading the Word of God by minimizing the beauty in his creation? If we want to end wars, racism, crime, and hate, then we need to embrace each other. We need to push aside those social norms. No more expectations; more appreciation for the fact that we exist. 



Photo Credit: Shine-Your-Light

Written by

Laine Hourigan

Laine Hourigan, junior, has always found a love for both reading and writing. She loves semi-autobiographical literature as it shows readers the life of the author while still allowing for imagination to run its own course. Her favorite book is Pay It Forward written by Catherine Ryan Hyde. Laine is involved in both swimming and water polo. In her free time, she manages to find herself back in the water as she enjoys going to the beach and being around family and friends. Laine is very excited to develop her writing skills in order to use them in her future career.