I wake up.

I go to school.

I do homework.

I go to bed.

I wake up too early.

I go to school for too long.

I do too much homework.

I go to bed too late.

“What did you do last week?”

I do not remember.

Weeks are just blurs

Of school and homework.

“Did you enjoy your weekend?”

Almost, but not quite.

Hard to enjoy it,

With such a looming threat.

“How was your winter break?”

I actually really enjoyed it.

“Amazing!” They said.

But they just gave me more homework.

I’m sick.

With anxiety,

With stress,

And even a cold.

Could I fix it?

Oh sure!

But I still

Have homework.

Maybe if I went away,

All these things 

That kill me

Would change.

So why then,

Am I here?

Writing this,

My sad song?

I’d so much rather

Play in open fields.

Or maybe fly out

And find better inspiration.

“Go on take flight!”

No, but I can’t.

“Why not?”


There’s too much work.

And I must complete it.

Even in my adult years,

It will never be done.

So when I am 25,

Holding a degree I died for,

I’ll head out into the world,

And keep working.  

And I will wake up too early.

I will go to work for too long.

I will bring too much work home.

I will go to bed too late.

We are promised this life.

This is ideal.

Tell me, honestly,

Is this what you want?

Photo Credit: youtoart.com