You probably are busy. 

Do you know what that means? 

You know that you are but do you know why?


No. I’m not busy. I’m never busy.

I never will be, if I can help it. 

I’m active, but never busy. For, busy is doing things you have to do, while active is doing things you want to do. So I am never busy. 

Not a soul can tie my hands and subjugate me because my mind is free. You could hold a gun to my head and tell me to touch my toes and if I wasn’t inspired to do so, I’d let you send my brains flying out the back of my skull before I so much as harbored the thought of my shoelaces. 

It’s not rebellion. I simply do what I love and what ignites my passion. Anything else is plastic and useless, moldy and rotten with the stench of humanity’s fungal social phenomena. 

The whole world can tell you, “We all have to do things we don’t want to,” but that is entirely false. Every moment of your life is a choice, and there is a difference between doing something you don’t want to do and something you don’t like. 

True inspiration is felt in the body and mind. It stimulates a phenomenon that societal obligation and forethought could never. Even for someone who, from childhood, has been a slave to the illusionistic standards that hang like clouds above our little slices of reality still fundamentally feels dissatisfied and disgusted, although numb. 

Do you like pie?

That’s ok; you don’t have to.

The reason I am not busy is because I accept that my slice of pie, pizza, barbari, whatever it may be can be excellent individually. Your perspective is from the center of a pizza looking out at just our little slice; you can’t see past where the crust ends or any past the left or right boundaries. All one can do is wonder what the pizza as a whole looks like as a whole, so adjustments are made to the slot in an attempt to make it fit with the whole pie. 

Society makes itself sick and miserable trying to make a pie that will match with the whole world, but also to have a life that is objectively better than those around them. 

I have stepped outside and can see the world as a whole.

Let me tell you, as much as I like my rhubarb pie with homemade whipped cream and vanilla ice cream,

The person next to me likes her pepperoni pizza just as much. 

By looking at other peoples reality’s, by looking at the spectrum of mankind as a whole, you too can become active. Don’t waste your time comparing. Simply love others for what they love and realize passion, although in different forms, is always equally beautiful. 

When you take a step back and begin to show love to others and their slice of reality, the love for yourself begins to build as well. 

I hope for a world where everyone stands on the crust of the pie and all of humanity is active and never busy. 

Picture credits: Aaron Almeida

Written by

Aaron Almeida

Aaron Almeida, junior, has always needed a creative outlet, and since he sucks at art, writing is a great way for him to do that. He enjoys writing poetry and creative pieces, although pieces based on his hobbies also interest him. When Aaron isn’t doing homework, he likes listening to music, skating, biking, and sitting in his room alone. He enjoys partaking in cardio based pain, more commonly known as cross country. Aaron’s favorite book is The Road by Cormac McCarthy.