I look at my grandma’s eyes and cup her face 

Tears run down her freckled tan cheeks.

Tears that have been streaming for years,

Carrying the weight of our family,

Her heart,


The tears erode her skin, creating deep ravines,

Ravines that are memoirs to each salty tear.

The rivers that flow down her face create creases,


They tell a nonverbal story.

The ravines tell what she doesn’t say.

Wrinkles expand and stretch with a smile that follows after a pained cry.

I scrunch up next to her and place my face to her heart.

She carries Love,

Even in her pain, she carries Love.

She does not keep it to herself,

She shares it wildly.

Even though I see pain flow from her eyes,

Love and light flow from her heart. 

To my lovely grandma Rosemary Lovejoy who is an amazing person and so strong. She loves Jesus with her whole heart and is in remission after battling cancer. Obviously this fabulous lady should have something written for her! 

Picture Credits: Isabella Jackson

Written by

Isabella Jackson

Isabella Jackson, junior, is excited to be a part of the Humanities Academy. She plays tennis and is part of the missions program at OLu, both of which she loves. She has always enjoyed writing as well as reading, but she vividly remembers struggling with it in middle school. She was nonetheless interested in English and especially loved her sophomore English teacher, Mrs. Perez. Humanities is a place where art, literature and the history of those subjects come together, and it is always amazing when the things one loves come together.