One of Orange Lutheran High School’s new staff members is Nestor Nunez. He currently teaches Bio1 and BioA for freshmen. Mr. Nunez graduated from Concordia University with a double major in Chemistry and Biology. After graduating, he started in speciality labs. He did not initially plan on becoming a teacher. He explained both were “fun for the first couple weeks” but he was not passionate about the work. Fortunately for him he was also coaching at OLu and Northwood Aquatics. It was during this time he noticed “coaching brought out some of [his] better traits.” Nestor also had some of his mentors suggest he get into teaching. Eventually Mr. Nunez spoke with his parents about his future career. They agreed he would make a good teacher; the very next day he went to Concordia and applied for the credential program and went “full send” on becoming a teacher. 

Before starting his time as a teacher at OLu, he taught at Servite High School for a semester. Mr. Nunez found it interesting to only teach boys, but he saw it as a great opportunity to grow as a solo teacher. The class was more “coaching chemistry” than teaching it. Mr. Nunez had simultaneously been coaching at water polo at OLu. A few weeks into the second semester a Biology teacher left OLu, opening up the opportunity for him to start his teaching career at OLu. He chose to take the job at OLu because of his positive coaching experience he had already had. 

Mr. Nunez has been teaching at OLu for a few months, but has already been coaching for almost 5 years. Seeing the team and seeing all the kids at school has so far been his favorite part, as well as switching to a co-ed student body. “Chemistry by far” is his favorite subject, one of his professors in college helped him to fall in love with the subject. Mr. Nunez would love to be able to teach it as well. He explained “it wouldn’t even matter what grade it was,just as long as [he] could teach some form of chemistry.” 

At Concordia Mr. Nunez felt like a “born-again Christian” and being at OLu helped to shape him. It influenced how he coaches and talks to students. Mr. Nunez also holds himself to a better standard as he is surrounded by other Christians. 

Whether you know him as Coach Nestor, Mr. Nunez, or Nestor, the Orange Lutheran is lucky to have him as a part of our community.

Photo Credit: Laine Hourigan

Written by

Laine Hourigan

Laine Hourigan, junior, has always found a love for both reading and writing. She loves semi-autobiographical literature as it shows readers the life of the author while still allowing for imagination to run its own course. Her favorite book is Pay It Forward written by Catherine Ryan Hyde. Laine is involved in both swimming and water polo. In her free time, she manages to find herself back in the water as she enjoys going to the beach and being around family and friends. Laine is very excited to develop her writing skills in order to use them in her future career.