January was promising . . .

Until that fateful day

When news broke of a helicopter crash

Kobe and Gianna were taken away.

Iraqi general hit with drone strike

World War 3 on the way?

Australian brush fires decimate land

On the brink of a doomsday.

We breathed our deepest breath

That month brought far too much dismay

However, soon enough we would learn

January was only child’s play.

February ignited a partisan divide

Cruise ships quarantined in a Japanese seaway

But March was when our world turned upside down

COVID-19 made its foray.

Masks were required and businesses closed

Home-cooked meals became the new gourmet

Parents became teachers when schools went online

Normalcy began to decay.

The spring months seemed to bleed together

How the negatives appeared to outweigh

The semblance of a world “before”

Days running together like a sea of gray.

June brought rising social tensions

Important conversations made headway

For this movement was a long time coming

The fight for a just future – while not yet reached – was underway.

A few months passed, and the fires returned

The West Coast was filled with disarray

The effects of climate change will continue to plague

If people keep believing it is only hearsay.

And now RBG . . .

An icon whose impact will never fade away

Her voice will not be forgotten

But her loss has darkened our day.

2020 has been . . . how shall we say?

Like something out of an Orwellian play

But let us remember to keep the faith

Life is not to be lived on a perpetual raceway.

We have been forced to slow down

To reassess our way

To think deeply about how we spend our time

To begin living for today.

Who knows what else 2020 has in store?

The secrets it will not yet betray

Let us do what is truly important

Let us hope . . . dream . . . pray.

Photo credit: CNN.com

Written by

Grace Funk

Grace Funk, junior, is honored to serve as Editor-in-Chief for The OLu MUSE this year. In addition to the MUSE, Grace is a member of OLu’s Ambassador team where she enjoys sharing about her school with the community. She loves writing across genres, from poetry to prose to nonfiction. In her free time, Grace loves to read, watch football (or binge watch Netflix series in the offseason), and travel with her family. Her favorite books include the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness and her favorite fictional character from any book is Elizabeth Bennet.