“It is to his glory that his play and his name that we pray.” -Nancy Paul

Orange Lutheran High School is widely known for its rigorous and thorough athletic program, not to mention its nationally recognized baseball team and amazing athletic facilities. 

However, we rarely hear about the people who make it all happen. Strength and conditioning coach and Associate Athletic Director Blake Hyepock is just one of the amazing staff members for the efficient program. With days beginning around five AM and ending close to six PM, Coach Hyepock definitely gets his steps in training six full teams over the course of two days, including girls and boys volleyball, girls and boys lacrosse, girls basketball, and girls soccer. The variety of teams he meets with contributes to his credibility in that he can successfully train so many diverse groups of athletes. 

Despite all this, Hyepock’s work isn’t over after training his teams. He still has to plan and put in place workouts for the upcoming weeks, and also fulfill his duties as Associate Athletic Director. This is no easy task, considering the ratio of time on the field training versus working on office requirements in his off-hours. 

One interesting fact about Hyepock’s athletic career is that he actually went to Orange Lutheran for his high school education, and excelled in the athletics area. He chose Orange Lutheran at the time because of “the family environment” and the caring attitude that employees at the school exhibited to all students. These factors are what played into his decisions to come back to work at his Alma Mater, and what he says “separates OLU from other schools.” He applauds his coworkers in pointing out their passion and love for what they do in all aspects of the job. 

If you aren’t already involved in the outstanding athletics program at Orange Lutheran, I hope this inspires you to do so! The time the staff of the program puts in does not go to waste, and their love for their work is unparalleled. 

A special thank you and shoutout to Coach Hyepock for interviewing for this piece!

Photo Credit: https://www.pe.com/2017/11/11/orange-lutheran-applies-pressure-beats-santiago-for-division-2-volleyball-title/