So you’re a rule-follower. You wear your mask above your nose. You remember your ID when you come into school. You wash your hands. You wipe down your desk after class. You keep your distance from others when possible. You abide by the 2 person per table rule at lunch. And you probably get some “what a goody two-shoes” looks and eye rolls. 

But despite these looks of utter judgment, you’re the glue keeping us in school. The reason we’re all able to safely see our friends and peers on campus. You’re not only keeping not only yourself safe, but you’re also helping to protect your peers. So you’re not a “teacher’s pet” for doing the right thing. You’re a kind, decent human being that cares about others and about the unity of Orange Lutheran. 

We’re incredibly fortunate to have the ability to take in-person classes. It’s a privilege that most schools nearby don’t have. However, having us all in school, of course, opens doors to potentially disastrous outcomes. 

We’re able to have dances and lunches. We’re able to talk to our old friends and even make new ones. It’s these pivotal moments of school life that cannot take place over Zoom that are contributing to the unity of Orange Lutheran. In a time where the world seems to be as divided as it can possibly get, be a rule-follower. Keep helping each other out and protecting one another.

We’re dependent on holding each other accountable. Dependent on ensuring that we each take individual responsibility for not only our safety, but the health and wellbeing of others. Instead of thinking about the inconvenience wearing a mask or wiping your desk may inflict on you, think about the favor you’re doing for those you come in contact with. If we want a unified campus not split by last name or grade level or whether or not you wash your hands, we all need to be liable for our own actions. And that starts with following the rules. 

So if you’re a rule-follower: stay that way. Don’t change because of somebody’s judgmental look. Don’t change because of a sarcastic comment. Keep maintaining your responsibility and doing what’s right for the safety of our campus. I’m appreciative, and the rest of the rule-followers are, too. 


Photo Credits: Johns Hopkins Medicine

Written by

Hannah Williamson

Hannah Williamson, junior, has enjoyed reading and writing for as long as she can remember. She is excited to be able to further her abilities through the publication. In her free time, she enjoys playing softball with her teammates and spending time with her family. Hannah’s favorite book is John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars.