Free from worry, she dances. 

She dances with the knowledge of her future influence on the world. 

She believes in its reality––and so, it is.

Oh how she wished to live in the palm of mediocrity’s hand; 

Alas, she was destined for God’s greater grasp ever since the idea of her conception. 

Some see talent as blessing, 

She sees talent as a standard of which one must uphold–– 

Never trip,

Never fail,

Never derail from the destined trail.

If that’s how she must live, then so be it. 

She’d accept it over ineptitude any and every day.

Is destiny worth the price of the solemn solace?

No matter, 

A stone cannot move, 

Only through time will it wither away.

Deny again and again the thought of her ephemeral excellence.

She manifested timeless ability, and so it was.

Believe in infinite nobility, and so, it will be.

She desires perfection, and so, it is.

Inspired by the movie Black Swan 

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