Gabriella Hendricks ’21 


“Daddy, Daddy! You’re home!”

“Woahhh”  he grabbed hold of body climbing up his leg, lifting him towards the ceiling, “You’ve grown six feet since I saw you”

“Nooo! Put me down!” He laughed playfully and smiled ear to ear. 

“Alright, Alright, but sooner than you know you’re gonna be that tall without me even lifting you.”

“Nooo. Not in a long, long time. Oh! Daddy come here!” He ran across the room ready to show off his new construction masterpiece. 

“Hold on son, I’ll be right there. I gotta take one last call tonight, then if there’s time we can play.”

“Daddyyy you just got home” his gentle face became tense with feelings of betrayal. 

Already walking towards the door he added  “I know, I know but it’s really important. Promise I’ll make it quick, and I’ll be back sooner than you know!”


“Hey son! Thanks for getting back to me. I just wanted to check in and see how you and the kids are doin’?”

“Yeah of course, we’re doing great Dad. The kids are good, Sydney’s been good, work’s been great- which reminds me I gotta hop on another call in five. Sorry, I gotta make this quick.” 

“Oh no problem, good to hear! Your mom and I were actually just wondering if you were all free anytime soon to come over for dinner… you know, our house is so quiet these days we could use some excitement. Plus, it’s been too long!”

“Yeah for sure the kids really miss you, but uh let me get back to you soon. I’m leaving on business in two days to Chicago, but maybe when I get back.”

“Oh ok, yeah just let me know when you get back and we can schedule a time then.”

“Sure thing, Dad. Ok I really gotta go, but I’ll call later and, yeah, I’ll be back sooner than you know.”

Sooner than I knew, my son grew up to be just like his Dad. 

He grew up to be just like me. 

What more should I have expected? 

Now, will his son grow up to be like him?

We’ll find out sooner than we know. 

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Gabriella Hendricks

Gabby Hendricks, junior, enjoys performing in the school musicals. She is also learning how to play the guitar and loves spending time reading. Gabby began to truly appreciate literature and writing when her sixth-grade teacher read The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros to her class and would also have the students write their own creative stories.