The theater season has officially begun at Orange Lutheran’s Alexandra Nechita Center for the Arts as we welcome our first production of the year. The cast is made up of 34 talented students who have been working hard for the past two months to put on a great show, which will take place in the Alexandra Nechita Center for the Arts on October 21-24th; both in person and virtual tickets are available on Orange Lutheran’s website. For the first time in over a year, we are able to fill the house so feel free to spread the news, and invite friends and family. 

The Addams Family follows a young girl named Wednesday Addams, who has a not-so-normal family. She falls in love with a normal boy named Lucas Beineke, and the couple wants to get married. Family drama and chaos erupts as these two teens struggle through the challenges of love. With the help of Uncle Fester and the ancestors, Wednesday and Lucas fight to keep their love strong. Will love prevail, or are their families too different? Come watch the show to see how it ends!

The cast of The Addams Family have spent countless hours working on this production and are ready for everyone to see it. Senior, Kayleigh Gilbert, who plays Grandma Addams, loves “the bond that the cast is able to form.” She describes the cast as a “tight knit” and “close” group, where everyone is free of judgement. Harrison Gomes, a senior, is excited to take on the iconic role of Uncle Fester because he’s always been “such a fan of The Addams Family” and Fester has always been his “favorite character.” Senior, Connor George, loves playing Mal Beineke because of the “challenging acting experience.” His favorite scene is “Crazier Than You” because he is able to “break free” from his “hard edge character.” Another senior, Chloe Laursen, who is playing Morticia Addams, loves how “heartfelt” the story is and the message of “family first and family last.” 

Make sure to get your tickets for The Addams Family, before they Rest In Peace!


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