How is it that humanity is still divided? After all, humans have endured hardship, seen others fall, achieved the unthinkable, and developed over two thousand years. One would assume that by now, we would unite into over seven billion hearts dedicated to each other and seven billion heads dedicated to innovation. If this happened, we would ultimately be forming unbreakable bonds between individuals with nothing in common except the ground they tread on. Luckily all of humanity has one thing in common: we want to not only live but thrive on this planet. How do we achieve this goal? We take care of our bodies and our world. After all, a better future relies on better communication and connectivity.

A new word—better yet, an idea—has emerged and converted countless minds. The idea of transparency is rather simple: consumers want to know where their items are from and how they were created. Surprisingly, many manufacturers and companies still refuse to disclose this vital information. But thanks to movements such as the Italy Project and Fashion Pact, transparency is emerging victoriously.

According to the Global Fashion Agenda, the apparel industry will grow by 81% by 2039. This growth will also increase the carbon emissions (currently around 8%) directly. Since our planet cannot handle this skyrocket in emissions, brands such as Stella McCartney, Burberry, and Kering formed a coalition to “establish a platform for manufacturers to coordinate, fund, and scale environmental programs with measurable impact,” abiding with the requirements of the Apparel Impact Institute. Creating sustainable energy, using water, and innovative technologies will chip away at fast fashion’s footprint. Stella McCartney released a line of recycled cashmere, Burberry’s camping screamed circularity by donating material to fashion students in need, and smaller brands all over the world are following in these role models’ footsteps. By initially decarbonizing the Italian fashion industry, the rest of the world will have no choice but to accept the benefits of the revolution.

Although the progress is slow, it has shed light on the severity of fast fashion and its correlation to climate change. Even small movements, such as the shift from microplastics to mushroom leather have ravaged the industry and set off a chain reaction of passionate advocates. The final steps of stopping global warming, restoring biodiversity, protecting the oceans, and changing minds begins with us. How can humanity be divided on such a matter? I know you want to heal the damage that has been done by past generations. Let us rally the efforts, commutation, and connectivity needed to make real change. You just wait and see how fast our world will heal. Let’s make it our own Italy Project, and take one big step for all the fashion fanatics.



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