Being in an academy always seemed so strange. Why would someone join an academy and do more work than they need to? That’s exactly what I thought until I joined the STEM and Humanities academies. However, these are not the only academies at Orange Lutheran. OLu offers a wide variety of academies including Business, Visual and Media Arts, Performing Arts, Ministry, STEM, and Humanities. 

Malena Yeyha, junior, is a member of the STEM academy at Orange Lutheran. She was introduced to the academy “through a friend” and her “favorite part is AP Chemistry.” When she gets older, she hopes to be “a surgeon” and is grateful that the STEM academy’s rigorous curriculum is preparing her for her future. 

Kiara Price, junior, is a member of the Business academy. She got involved because she knew it would “give [her] a new perspective on what running a business” looks like. In the academy, she particularly enjoys getting to “make [her] own business.” She is hopeful to one day become a “financial advisor” for a few large companies. Thanks to the academy, she has learned “aspects of business and finance” that will help her later on in her career. 

Lucy Williamson, junior, is a member of both the Visual and Media arts academy as well as the Humanities academy. She started taking ceramics her freshman year and has been taking it ever since. “Mrs. Kyte recommended [she] join the Visual & Media arts academy” for her junior year. Lucy is passionate about English as well as art. She joined humanities because she “really [likes] English and writing” and was grateful for the Muse as a “creative outlet.” She’s not sure what she wants to be when she’s older, but is grateful for these academies to explore her options.

Chloe Cho, junior, is involved in both the Business academy and Humanities academy. She joined the business academy her junior year and will be continuing for her senior year. Through the academy she has met “like minded people.” She has been able to learn and practice both “communication and leadership skills” that are applicable to the “outside world.” One day, Chloe hopes to become a “prosecutor or attorney” and is grateful for these academies and the opportunities they present her with. 

If you are looking for a sign to join one of OLu’s academies, here it is. OLu offers many excellent academies and there is definitely at least one you can call home!

Photo Credit: Pinterest