Clubs: they’re featured in almost every movie about the high school experience, and it’s so easy to find one at Orange Lutheran that interests you. At OLu, we have a huge selection of clubs, from Mock Trial to the Minecraft Club, and everything in between. Club Rush comes up twice a year, and it has every single club set up a station in the Student Union so that you can go around and find some that interest you. 

Why join a club? Clubs are amazing to meet new people, and also to expand your horizons and even find new interests. Julia Travaglia, junior, joined the OLu Debate Club her freshman year, the year that it was founded. A friend of hers had started the club and she “wanted to learn how to debate” so she decided to take a leap and try it out. Since joining the club, she has enjoyed it so much that she has become Vice President, and “helps coordinate meetings.” She’s spent her time in the club “meeting new people” and getting “involved in something [she] never imagined [she] would.” In the past three years of its existence, the debate club has grown exponentially as people become more interested in it. 

Not only are there clubs to join, there’s also clubs to create. At our school, the world is our oyster. If you find a teacher who will advise you, you can create your own club. This can be dedicated around anything you like — that’s the fun of it! If you feel like it would be fun to have a club based around a certain activity or thing, you are welcome to create it. 

Clubs really open the doors to so much in life. Not only are they fun, but colleges also like when you are involved and active in student life at school! As someone who has joined multiple clubs at Orange Lutheran, I have not joined one that I felt I would have to quit. My two favorite clubs happen to be Debate and Mock Trial—both of which I joined with friends, but stayed in because I genuinely enjoyed the clubs’ activities. Mock Trial has especially been an adventure. If you enjoy either acting or debating, it’s a place for both types of people! 

Even clubs that seem like they may be directed towards a certain interest, like Mock Trial, may surprise you. There’s absolutely no harm in trying out a club, even if it turns out to not suit you or your interests. There are clubs that meet during lunch, after school or even some that meet on the weekends, so there’s bound to be one that would fit your schedule. Next time club rush comes around, I recommend looking into joining at least one club, even if it’s a totally thing for you to try. There’s no harm in testing out new things!

Photo Credit: Shutterstock