Welcome to the King Author 2022 Writing Competition!!

This year we are changing things up, and making the event competitive! 

Here are the 4 categories:

Digital Storytelling 

(tell a story with pictures or video)


 (10-40 line requirement)

Flash Fiction

 (500-800 word short story)


(all information is accurate/authentic, include sources if needed)

Not sure you have what it takes? Come to a workshop!!

Flash Fiction/Nonfiction Workshop: Wednesday 4/6 – Room 403-  Learning Support

Digital Storytelling Workshop: Wednesday 4/13 – Room 403 – Learning Support

Poetry Workshop: Wednesday 4/20 – Room 403 – Learning Support

All entries due by MIDNIGHT on 4/30

Submissions to Showbie

Showbie Code: 8CYZ4

Winners, Crowns, & Cash Prizes Presented May 11th at the OLu Night of the Arts

If you have any questions at all: 

Email bea.wakeling@lhsoc.org or stop by room 403 to talk to Mrs. Wakeling (before school, after school, or lunch)