I’ve always loved animals. When I was little, and those ASPCA commercials would come on with the super sad dogs, I cried. I couldn’t fathom why anyone would ever abandon an animal or mistreat it. 

Flash forward to more recently – after watching a documentary on the fishing industry called Seaspiracy, I was considering becoming vegetarian. I hated the idea of consuming any kind of animal that had been brutally killed and butchered (and still do). Now whether I will follow through or not is still a moral battle going on in my brain…we can come back to that later.

Have you ever seen the documentary Blackfish?? I highly suggest watching it. It will definitely bring some tears, but also some very important knowledge regarding orcas, and their tragic experiences with humans over the past century. I have vowed to myself after watching that documentary to never step foot in an aquatic center again without doing research on its background. But, here is where I am going with this: I care about animals. I care about our Earth. A lot. 

So, when the opportunity to write and publish pieces about said topics came up, I was ecstatic. 

I want to convey to other people why our world is quickly going downhill due to pollution. Why our oceans are in danger because of not only pollution, but also hunting. 

I aim to bring light to current and impending issues that I have discovered over the past few years. Sure, people know the ice caps are melting. Sure, people know that the world is gradually warming up. 

But do they know that hundreds of thousands of sharks are being killed in Japan for a soup that barely has a flavor, and only serves as a status symbol? Do they know that the simple act of owning and using a reusable water bottle actually makes a giant impact? 

They don’t know that?? Yeah, I thought so. 

So please, join me on my journey of writing on these topics. I hope that you too will be inspired to speak out and make some changes in your lifestyle to better support our earth. 


Photo Credit: Bonnie Monteleone