Dear perfect me, 

Hi, it’s me–or should I say you. Except, I’m not you. Actually, I’m the furthest possible thing from you. You are everything I can never be. You meet every impossible expectation and standard. You never mess up. You’re never embarrassing. You never disappoint others. You never disappoint yourself. You’re the perfect daughter, the perfect friend, the perfect student. You would think that I would hate you because you’re everything I’m not. You’re the me that I’ve always wanted to be, but I don’t hate you––I wrote this to tell you that. I’m done comparing myself to you and I will no longer try or wish to be you because you do not exist. You never did. There is no perfect me and I wish I would have realized sooner. My imperfections make me who I am and I am not defined by them. So, this is me saying  goodbye to your impossible perfection. I am perfect in my own way just how I am.  


Beautifully imperfect you