The Christmas season is a mixture of emotions, whether stress because you buy all your Christmas presents two days before or joy in the little moments like baking cookies that you coat in ridiculous amounts of frosting. Another way people spread this love of Christmas is through music, and Olu pulls out all the bows and wrapping for this holiday cheer. Although many shows take place throughout the year in the Olu music department, the Christmas show is a highlight as so many components are put into place to capture the chaos and beauty of the holiday season. Whether it be the orchestral arrangements, the a-cappella choral pieces, or Christmas classics like White Christmas, Olu works tirelessly to structure a Christmas concert that gives the audience the intricacies of the season itself. So whether your favorite memory of Christmas is screeching a Mariah Carey song with your family as you decorate the tree or watching your favorite Christmas movie, the Olu Christmas concert perfectly captures these feelings while shedding light on the joy of Christ’s birth. Spreading Jesus’s love and happiness to those around us is the ultimate goal, and Olu accomplishes that in this concert. Come see the show on December 9th and 10th, and if you’re feeling like a Grinch in these busy times, hopefully this show will be your Christmas miracle!


Photo Credit: OLu Instagram