I was left up here about a year ago. Tossed up is more like it. Abandoned. Forgotten. I used to think it was a fun little game they were playing on me, where they’d toss me and retrieve me, but they didn’t, they just left. Which is fine. No it’s not. I’m supposed to be used, not left behind. If they didn’t want me anymore they could’ve given me to someone. Is there something wrong with me? No? I’m not too battered. I don’t have holes. So why, why was I thrown away? A dying question, I fear I’ll never find the answer to…

I suppose my new home on this wire isn’t so bad, pretty views and scenery and the birds keep me company sometimes with their sweet singing. But still, I’m useless up here. My purpose, robbed from me. So here I sway on this wire, back and forth with every breeze. As I hang I feel the weight of my injustice like the weight of gravity pressed upon me. How miserable it feels to be cut off from one’s purpose. My life was stolen! Are there no repercussions? No consequences? No, of course not. I’m just a pair of shoes. What do I matter? I certainly didn’t to my previous ex owner. 

However, my desperate heart deceives me with the dream that someone, ANYONE, might pass by and try to bring me down from the wire. Please take me down. Please. I’ll be good, I’ll hold up, I’m a fine pair of shoes from my laces to deep down in my sole. I’ll be the best pair anyone has ever worn. I swear… I promise. Just give me a chance. 

But, if you can’t take me then at least do this for me, don’t forget about the shoes on the wire. Take notice of them please, we still matter. Even if no one is using us, that doesn’t make us useless.

Photo Credit: Hailey Spencer