I sit here surrounded by darkness,

Beyond the trees watching a figure,

Praying for the return of daylight.

Too many things are now unknown.

Without the company of the stars, I feel alone,

Left to stare down the Devil.

I see him move, the Devil.

He waited to get me in the darkness.

He knows I am vulnerable alone,

Knows that I am no saintly figure.

My deeds are not unknown to him.

Deeds that never saw the daylight.

I hope it’s long until daylight.

For, the sun is not kind to the devil.

But the time is still unknown.

There is nothing to calculate in the darkness.

Without the moon, there is nothing to figure.

So I stare at the horned man alone.

He has come to take me alone.

I know now I will never see new daylight.

I watch his ghastly figure.

With eyes of black, I know he is the devil.

His eyes are blacker than the darkness,

In them, nothing is unknown.

My fate is no longer unknown.

I will spend eternity suffering alone.

Never escaping these woods and the darkness,

Condemned to forget the daylight.

Am I already there with the Devil?

I’m not sure how I could figure.

I start to move toward the figure.

I will take suffering over the unknown.

I can learn to trust the Devil.

Better to go with him than be alone.

I have more faith in him than in daylight.

Anything to not be alone in the darkness.

Now I am not alone.

I need no daylight.

I am now part of the darkness.

Photo Credit: monash.edu