Come to me, my darling, so I may hold you close

Let me gather you in my arms as we sway

Follow my steps, let the music lead you astray

Look forth into my eyes so I may believe 

That you are not a dream that will fade in the sun

I grip your hand so you never may run

Do not go

No, stay here and dance with me until dawn

Let me indulge in my delusional emotions 

Flow with me across the halls and floors

Across the gardens and rooftops

Across the sky and stars

Do not go until dawn

I’ll embrace you because I am engrossed 

I’ll hold tight until all I grip is a ghost 

Please I beg

Do not go until dawn 

I’ll dance, until all I dance with is myself 

I’ll dance, until all I can hear is the music’s echoes 

I’ll dance, until I all but collapse 

And the light leaks through the windows

The light that illuminates me, casting its glow

It will cast on me there without you, sorrowfully so

And even your whispers will be gone

All that will remain is our bond

Even that may shatter and fall

The bond that was once a glass wall

I’ll mutter the words still

Do not go

Do not go until dawn

Yet dawn is here.

The light has ripped you away.

The ghost that lurked in the dark

The ghost that was never truly you

Because how could I ever love a ghost

Someone that is an illusion at most

It is something dreams could never satisfy 

Because I know you would stay, never say goodbye

Even after dawn. 

I’ll breathe a sigh now

Wipe away the tears that should not fall, I vow

And gather the fragments of the broken bond

And cherish forever

Our dance until dawn

Written by

Bella Bass

Hi, my name is Bella and I like to write stuff. Writing fantasy and scientific fiction is my go to but I also like historical fiction (basically anything fiction). I also enjoy reading and drawing (both digital and traditional). I look forward to contributing work to the Muse and exploring new topics to grow as a writer. :)