Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

Read this if you want: heartwarming, imaginative storytelling, whimsical

Genre: coming-of-age fiction

This book follows the spirited Anne Shirley, an orphan mistakenly sent to a brother and sister who intended on adopting a boy to be a helpful farm hand. Anne’s imaginative and unique personality is unlike any other in Avonlea. Surely, she will win over the hearts and minds of others, or will it be harder than expected?

October Country by Ray Bradbury

Read this if you want: atmospheric, eerie, short stories

Genre: Classic Fiction Novel 

Bradburrys classic novel, October Country, is a collection of dark short stories that dive into the eerie elusiveness of human nature and life; each tale provides a unique glimpse into the human psyche. 

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

Read this if you want: heartwarming, family centered, sentimental 

Genre: Classic Fiction Novel

Following the lives of the 4 March Sisters – Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy- readers get a glimpse into their unique personalities, individual dreams, struggles and the lasting bond of family and sisterhood. 

Frankenstein by Mary Shelly

Read this if you want: gothic, thought provoking, dark imaginative storytelling 

Genre: Gothic Novel

Victor Frankenstein, a scientist driven by his uncontrollable ambition and curiosity, creates a monstrous creature in one of his chilling experiments. This gothic novel explores themes of unchecked ambition, isolation, and the dynamic between creator and creation.

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwab

Read this is you want: enchanting, bittersweet, romance

Genre: Fantasy Fiction

A Faustian bargain: to live forever but be forgotten by everyone she ever meets. This novel follows Adeline (Addie) LaRue and her experiences over the centuries. Exploring the unique obstacles and isolation from an invisible existence until she meets a young man who remembers her, changing her life forever.

Persuasion by Jane Austen

Read this is you want: romance, regrets, social commentary

Genre: Classic Fiction Novel

The novel Persuasion, a classic romance novel set with an autumnal backdrop, follows the resilient Anne Elliot. After being persuaded to break off her engagement with Captain Fredrick Wentworth, meets him again years later where she must explore the challenges of social expectations, rekindled feelings, love, and personal growth. 

Dead Poets Society by N.H Kleinbaum

Read this if your want: inspiring, thought-provoking, drama

Genre: Coming-of-Age Dramatic Fiction

Written after the award winning film, Dead Poets Society, this novel follows a group of students, and their English teacher, John Keating, who inspires independent thinking, and aspirational poetry. Convincing them to seize the day. This story focuses upon the impact of unique teaching on a group of students as they face personal dreams, passions, and the pressures of conformity.

The Secret History by Donna Tartt

Read this if you want: Dark academia, atmospheric, intellectual

Genre: Mystery Fiction Novel

In a small, elite liberal arts college in New England, Hampden College, a closely knit group of classics students become entangled in a murder that alters their lives and minds forever. Following Richard Papens somewhat unreliable narration, with a morbid longing for the picturesque at all costs, he and his fellow classics students delve into moral descent, psychological complexities of guilt, and mysterious secrets.

The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux

Read this if you want: mystery, suspense, haunting romance

Genre: Gothic Fiction Novel

A story of love and obsession: a mysterious and disfigured musical genius, the Phantom, becomes obsessed with Christine Daae, a beautiful soprano singer, and manipulates her entire career and life. Between the Phantom’s allure and her life long friend Raoul, Christine is torn between the two, exploring the coinciding themes of beauty and darkness.

The Harry Potter Series by J.K Rowling

Read this if you want: adventurous, magical, imaginative

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy Novel

The autumn staple: The Harry Potter Series follows Harry Potter, young wizard who embarks on a journey to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Here, he, along with his friends-Ron and Hermione, uncover the secrets of Harry’s past and confront challenged against the dark wizard, he who must not be named.  Even if you only saw the movies, this book is just another way to get you into that perfect fall mood!

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