Georgia Harris

Georgia Harris

Georgia Harris, senior, dances in the OLu Advanced Dance class and outside of school. Her inspirations include family, God, and traveling.  She enjoys writing non-fiction, especially journalistic pieces for her role as Orange Lutheran’s Public Relations Intern. Georgia’s favorite work of literature is Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

More of Georgia Harris’ Work:

Since the loss of neighborhood safety and the rise of pressure on students, the role of parents in children’s lives has increased significantly from just making sure they make it home in time for curfew. Today, parents are stalking every move of their children, whether it be driving them from place to place, […]

In this piece, Georgia Harris has made an adaptation of the song “(It’s) Hairspray” from the Broadway Musical and related it to Orange Lutheran upcoming production. Come see students perform in Hairspray the Musical in OLu’s Nechita center April 11th-14th! […]

Monday: Roll out of bed from the three hours of sleep you got after your red-eye flight. Drive to school. 2 AP classes, 2 honors classes. Musical rehearsal at school. Drive to theater company. Rehearse for company musical. Drive home. Homework. College audition practice. Sleep.

Tuesday: 6 A.M. Pilates. School. Music Theory class. Jazz dance class. Homework. College audition practice. Sleep. […]

My shoes caked with mud, I swung my arms back and sunk the pickaxe into the soft earth.


I heard my friend Ava call my name from across the makeshift mobile-home community. She gestured for me to join her in the house—a place I normally would not venture. I was much more comfortable staying outside, […]

October 17th, 6:30 am. 40 surfers hit the waves, representing one of the newer additions to Orange Lutheran’s sports repertoire: the Surf Team. Not your stereotypical high school athletics group, this team truly takes advantage of OLu’s SoCal setting.

Led by Coaches Hernandez and Laulhere, the team starts off their average day […]

The Gala is an annual event that stands as Orange Lutheran’s biggest and most extravagant fundraising night. This year, the affair has been transformed into The Premier. The night is centered around OLu parents and fashioned to impress, but it is the students and teachers of the school […]

Law—it is a serious aspect of society, but the students at Orange Lutheran bring life to and find amusement within the stoic courtroom. Meet Orange Lutheran’s Mock Trial Team, a group of high-energy students who have grown to thrive in front of a jury. […]

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