Susanna Bolin

Susanna Bolin, junior, recently transferred from Austin, Texas, and is a competitive swimmer. She loves writing because it enables her to express her love of knowledge and thinking and their manifestations in daily life. Over recent years, she has developed a keen interest in the systematic structures of the psyche, linguistics, and the Kantian philosophical parameters of the universe. Someday, she hopes to research, explore, and chronicle the deeper principles that govern these areas. Currently, her preferred authors are Hugh Ross, Oliver Sacks, and AJ Drenth. This summer, she found More Than a Theory, Hugh Ross’s exploration of scientific modeling, uniquely captivating. Her other areas of interest include training for short course sailboat racing, traveling with her family, singing, playing guitar, and volunteering in her community.  She commutes to OLu from California Baptist University in Riverside, where she lives with her parents and 3 siblings.

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