i knew little about you before i came

for you were such a mystery to me.

oh, how you took me by surprise . . .


the car window was foggy

and with my tired eyes i peered through the glass,

fixated on the blurry images that sped past me.


the road twisting with every turn,

the trees filled with a kaleidoscope of colors,

and the leaves drifting through the air,


oh, what a beautiful place . . .


i hopped outside,

awakened by the crisp cool air,

taking deep breaths in and out,


cherishing the embrace of the sunshine

and wrapped up in the warmth of my jacket,

standing in wonder of His creation . . .


the sun was shining brightly now;

my heart overwhelmed

with the joy of His love.


oh, how the Father is so clearly here.

He is the Light.




Photo Credits: Aubrey Myers