With Christmas only a few days away, people are scrambling to pick out their trees and decorations before December 25th. As the calendar ticks off days and we get closer to Christmas, many families celebrate different traditions that get them in the Christmas Spirit.

Catherine Beering, sophomore, enjoys her family tradition of making tamales with her family on Christmas Eve. After eating them, she opens one specific present—pajamas that match her family’s. They head to bed just after and are abruptly awakened by the 6 a.m. call of Christmas. They open their stockings and eagerly await the half of their presents they can open before they eat their breakfast, and then open the rest.

Catherine describes her day as boring and that she “does nothing at all” until her family bundles up in warm clothing and heads to the late night Christmas service at her church, in which they sing her favorite song, “Silent Night.”

Hannah Van Essen, also a sophomore, holds Christmas traditions that take place every year—rain or shine. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, her family goes to Balboa Beach to view the spectacular Christmas lights. Her family also enjoys many Christmas movies that “make it feel like Christmas.” Her favorites include The Grinch and A Christmas Story. She enjoys this movie so much that she has a leg lamp in her front window, displaying her love for the cherished holiday movie.

Christmas Day, Hannah and her family watch a different movie each year. The movies vary from the Star Wars series to Disney princess movies such as Tangled.

Gabby Hendricks, sophomore, thinks Christmas is spectacular. She says her favorite Christmas tradition is “getting the tree” and decorating it while eating Trader Joe’s dark chocolate star cookies. She enjoys drinking her favorite Christmas beverage—hot chocolate.

The week before Christmas, Gabby and her family get into her dad’s truck and drive around Balboa to view the beautiful Christmas lights and witness the annual Balboa boat parade. Gabby says her Christmas is “so much fun.”


Photo Credits: Craig Wade


Written by

Hannah Williamson

Hannah Williamson, junior, has enjoyed reading and writing for as long as she can remember. She is excited to be able to further her abilities through the publication. In her free time, she enjoys playing softball with her teammates and spending time with her family. Hannah’s favorite book is John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars.