dear coffee shops,

thank you for existing. you make the average exhausted teen happier with your large caffeinated beverages and flaky, buttery croissants. you lift my spirits with your calming acoustic music playing softly in the background and warm my heart with the subtle yet prevalent scent of coffee beans roasting behind the counter. you have become a place of utmost peace as cozy walls exude the most profound sense of tranquility into the space. you are a place of deep significance to me; a place filled with hours of conversations with close friends and times of deep introspection.

i am always filled with so much delectation as you give me that aesthetically pleasing latte with just the right amount of sugar in it; and when i wrap my hands around the warm mug, people watching out the window, it bestows upon me the purest form of joy an introvert could possibly experience.

you also provide me a place to focus; a place to concentrate while i finish my work that i so effortlessly procrastinated on. i should really be thanking you for keeping my grades afloat. and with all you have to offer, how could anyone possibly dislike you? you are such a wonderful gift that supplies me with such euphoria, and with that, i assert my deepest appreciations. thank you!


your average teenage introvert



photo credits: pinterest