Like my past works, this piece will highlight the effect/impact a concert had on an individual. My hope with this project is to unearth a shared reaction that music, regardless of its genre, seems to have on people.

The first time I felt complete? Bon Jovi. The Forum. March 2017 at the ripe age of 16.

Almost two years later, I still reminisce about that night everytime “Runaway” or “She Don’t Know Me” comes on as my conscious fills with the memory of blinding lights and deafening instrumentals. This brief fusion of my mind and music parallels the fusion of my life and music during the days I reflected on their lyrics.

When I struggle with fruitless attraction, I am reminded in “She Don’t Know Me” that I am not alone.

When I ache from my disconnect with past friends, I relate to

“Never say goodbye, never say goodbye

You and me and my old friends

Hoping it would never end.”

When I fall into bouts of depression, Jovi reminds me to be

“Wild, wild in the streets”

And let go of any unorthodox emotions.

Honestly, this past year was overshadowed by depression and frustration.  

Perhaps that is why his music is so entrancing. Perhaps that is why I take refuge in his lyrics.

Perhaps that is why March 2017 was the first time I felt complete.

As Bon Jovi take the stage, everything comes to a stop as pain, resentment, worry, and fear cease to exist.

Craning my hands toward the stage, I admire the five figures above me in awe.

*Key information and pictures provided by Zachary Blain. Again, I merely embroidered his words into a piece.

Photo Credits: Zachary Blain