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Movie Review: Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is a fast-paced movie that has the audience holding their breath at every turn of the production. This movie not only has action, but is also funny and  inspiring as it demonstrates the value of inner strength. The directors, Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden, did an excellent job as they upheld the Marvel Studio’s name with pride. However, without the incredible performance of Brie Larson, the production of Captain Marvel would have been impossible. Viewers watched as actress Brie Larson does an outstanding performance as the character of Carol. She not only exemplifies power as she plays her role but also has a confidence about herself that leaves viewers feeling as if they could take on the world.

Individuals observe Carol transform into the powerful Captain Marvel when she finds herself on earth between a war with two alien nations. When she finds herself on earth, she begins to remember the past that seems so distance and surreal. The audience goes through an emotional roller coaster as they discover the past that Carol has forgotten and left behind. But in order for Carol to reach her full potential as Captain Marvel, she must find her inner strength within herself. As the movie concludes, individuals are left feeling like they want more. Viewers leave the theatre raving about Captain Marvel and how captivating it is.

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