“Hey, how you doing?” he asked.

She never responded, just staring off into the distance. Thinking she didn’t hear him, he repeated the question.

“Hey, how are you doing?”

She continued to stare off into the distance, so he just sighed and decided to give up.

Slowly, almost like she was in a daze, she opened her mouth to speak.

“The waves reach up to the sky, hoping to join the great beauty above.”

She slowly looked towards the man who asked the seemingly forgotten question.

“But they never quite make it, just crashing into the cliff face,” she continued. “When they face the difficulty of climbing to the sky, they turn back. Running from hardship, but never quite giving up.”  

The dull, dazed look slowly left her eyes, and she turned her head back to the waves. “The smaller waves huff in frustration as they try to make the climb, the larger, more powerful waves just push them aside. Not even letting them try to climb up the the sky.”

Her hair billowed in the wind as they listened to the sound of the crashing of the waves. “People are the same, pushing weaker and seemingly less important people down. Crushing their hopes of reaching the sky.” The man just looks over at her staring at the side of her face.  

“Sometimes, we just need someone to part the waves for us, and give us a chance to reach the sky,” she said, reaching a hand into the sky as a cloud, floating close to the cliff face, drifted into her open hand. She closed her hand, attempting to grab the elusive cloud.

“Sometimes, someone just needs to bring the sky to them.” She walked over to the cliff face. The man pounced up, ready to grab her if she decided to jump. But she just stood there, staring.  Slowly looking down, at the desperate waves below, desperate to touch the sky. Bending on her knees she lowered herself onto a rock, releasing her hand, freeing the cloud inside. She blew a gentle breath, trying to lead it to the waves below. The man watched silently, in awe of the girl’s spirit, transfixed on the delicate movements she made.  

The cloud reached the surface of the waves and the larger waves shied away, as if they are afraid. The waves that were pushed aside jumped towards the cloud, eager to taste the sky. When one got a taste, it floated away, allowing for another to take its place. The waves were content for once, having tasted the sky. The girl looked up, her blue eyes blazing and her gaze searching. She smiled. The man just stared, unsure of what to do. She reached out to him, holding her hand out towards him.  He walked towards the girl, putting his hand in hers.

Smiling, she asks, “Would you like to touch the sky?” He stares at her, unsure of what to say. She just keeps smiling. He has never felt so at peace, so happy. He had no care in the world. He nodded. Her smile brightened. She started glowing, gently lifting him off the ground.   

Great white wings emerged from her back, as soft as silk, but as strong as diamonds, as beautiful as the stars. Lifting him higher and higher, she pulled him to the sky, helping him touch the clouds. She smiled, looking over at him, her face looking more and more familiar than it did before.

Tears started falling, even a sob escaping. She continued smiling, a laugh exited her lips, that familiar laugh. The sweet voice, smooth like honey. She pulled him higher and higher, breaking out from the clouds. The woman hovered, just above the clouds. Her smile never dimming, she put a gentle kiss on the man’s head. It felt like he was kissed by the sun. He cried tears of happiness, tears of longing. With that, she started to fade, slipping out of his grasp. Until she finally disappeared, leaving him alone in the sky.  

“Goodbye, my wife.”

Photo Credits: Google Images